Panel Recordings

Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan has reached a remarkable turning point and a unique opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments that have enabled the Aerospace Engineering department to be one of the best programs of its kind among major universities. The centennial celebration, held the weekend of September 18 – 19, 2014, provided an opportunity to recall our rich history of education and research, and celebrate our vision for the future. Click here to view the dynamic discussions and presentations that took place.

Panel Recordings (CoE Website)

It was a wonderful experience

I want to thank you and all of the people who helped stage the Aero100 celebration. It was well run, the panelists were incredible, and it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you all,

Robert Yarrington BSAE ’71

An event to remember

Just to thank you for a GREAT Job organizing and making our Aero Centennial an event to remember.

Paul Trame, ’65 & ’67

Exceptionally well conceived and organized

I thought the events that I attended as a guest were exceptionally well conceived and organized.

The reception at the Museum of Art was perfect and I greatly enjoyed the speaker from the Orion space project that evening (by the way, the Michigan flag will be the only university flag on this deep space Mars mission–not even MIT). It amazed me to see how great an influence the UM aerospace engineering graduates have had on the scientific developments in air/space travel over these past 100 years.

The gala at the Yankee Air Museum was so exciting for me. It couldn’t have been a better venue for the aerospace program centennial celebration dinner. Also food was excellent both Thursday at the Union and Friday at the gala.

Tailgate on Saturday was a lot of fun and the biggest ever fly-over of 15 aircraft at a college football stadium was the most exciting part of the game

…the events I attended were outstanding, and I am so pleased that I was able to attend.

Bernadine Cimprich
PhD Nursing ’90
Emeritus Faculty, School of Nursing

Extend my gratitude

I’m writing to extend my gratitude for your hospitality and effort in the organization of the event. It was a great weekend of learning, discussions, and networking……I am proud to be an alum of the Department.

Note: Georgia Tech and MIT will definitely study your successful event model in preparation for their upcoming Centennials.

Go Blue!

Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Aerospace Engineering

Onward to the next 100 years

The end of an era and onward to the next 100 years and the challenges and changes they may bring…!

Sarah Lesher-Alfonso
Daughter of former UM Aerospace Professor, Edgar Lesher

An impressive Aero program

… it was great to meet you last week. UM has an impressive aero program.

Tom Shih
Head and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Purdue University

Job well done!

I am back home after spending 3 great days at this terrific “reunion”. Job well done! I just read an article that says that UM is the nation’s best public university. And the aerospace department certainly showed this week that it is a great part of that. All functions, food, and service were first class.

Students were very respectful; taller and a lot better looking than I recall.

Tailgate was a wonderful experience and the weather held up just long enough for all the important events to conclude.

Perhaps we can all come back for a 200 year school anniversary in 3 years!

Very Respectfully,

Thomas Kleehammer

Amazing event!

Amazing event! We really enjoyed ourselves and were proud to participate as
alumni and speakers in the Aero Centennial. Our VP Frank DeMauro was really
impressed with the organization and hospitality of everything.

I noticed a photographer taking pictures during the Future Space Panel he
was involved in and was wondering if they are going to be available online?
I would like to share how great of an event it was with the rest of the

Richard Prasad
Orbital Sciences Corporation

The 100th anniversary was wonderful

The 100th anniversary was wonderful. Congratulations to the Department (and you, of course!) for doing it in great style. My friends are still feeling good about the formal dinner.

Bill Anderson
Emeritus Professor, Aerospace