Leave a Legacy, Share Your Story

Celebrating Alumni, inspiring Students

Attention Aero Alumni:

After 100 years, we’re amazed by all the different things that our alumni do with their Aero degrees after they graduate.   With the diverse skillsets required of today’s engineers, it’s amazing what little trick or skill can set you apart.  Often it’s an elective course you thought you’d never use in your career, or lab you participated in that “accidentally” gave you key managerial skills.

Do YOU have an “I never thought I’d use that!” story?  A funny anecdote about how something you least expected changed your career?  Any other pearls of wisdom? We’d love to hear them, so don’t be shy!  We’re turning 100 soon, and want to hear from as many of our amazing alumni as possible – your stories are what makes Michigan Aero the engineering education powerhouse that it is!

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