Use Everything You Know to Pursue Your Objectives

David R. Kassoy, PhD’65., Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Subsequent to the first 29 years of my academic career, mostly at the University of Colorado, Boulder, I decided to pursue an administrative opportunity in the Graduate School, with responsibility for many aspects of the campus research enterprise.Eventually I spent a total of 12 years in a succession of administrative posts, dealing with Budget and Planning in the campus Academic Affairs office (1988–1997) and then with the use of technology to promote educational programs in the University of Colorado President’s office (1997–2000). I never thought that I’d use my research skills in my administrative life. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the analytic methods used to do original and creative research could be used to solve the organizational and personnel problems that arose on a daily basis. Furthermore, it turned out that the psychology courses, (industrial psychology) I took as a graduate student facilitated my ability to work with diverse members of the faculty and often solve their professional problems. The bottom line: use everything you know to pursue your objectives.